Regarding COVID-19

"Let us not give up the habit of meeting together, as some are doing. Instead, let us encourage one another all the more, since you see that the Day of the Lord is coming nearer." HEBREWS 10:25

So many have reached out to share their support and some to share frustrations with our church. We understand the misperception. Frankly, we have been so focused on continuing to provide comfort and support for our members during this incredible time of stress, that we failed to fully communicate.
We agree that we must all comply with Governor Stitt’s administrative order and we are taking all necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of anyone who comes to Real Church. We have scaled back our normal services as we continue to practice and sustain our faith.
We have cancelled any youth activities; we are encouraging older members to stay home and access services electronically. We are not shaking hands or greeting members with hugs. Collection and communion are not performed in the regular way of our past. Our protocols are such that we avoid contact and we also use this time to educate and inform everyone on the best practices.
We are so grateful that Governor Stitt provided for places of worship in his Order, so it did not infringe on people’s religious liberties or the First Amendment. We can assure everyone that the health and wellbeing of our members, staff and community is critical and the top priority. Yet after prayer and spiritual reflection, we made the decision not to close our church for those who need it because right now faith communities play a vital role for our members and especially the most vulnerable. We are meeting that need but doing so in a way to ensure that it does not put people in harm’s way.

These are the following actions we have taken:
1. Staff are continually monitoring our health and the health of our families.
2. All Nursery, Children and Youth Activities have been cancelled.
3. Before every worship service, announcements are made to stay 6′ away from the person next to you.
4. Sunday School has been cancelled.
5. Signs are posted reminding worshipers that Governor Stitt wants 6′ separating all worshipers. The only exceptions to this are members of the same household.
6. Offering plates are no longer passed from worshiper to worshiper.
7. Communion is no longer provided to the worshipers in the normal fashion it was during worship service in the past.
8. Service is held outside for those to either sit in their car or sit in “social distancing” chairs of no less than 6’ apart, excepting members of the same household.
9. Disinfecting items will be on hand.

We also acknowledge that this will be difficult for some people to understand, and that many people will make judgements based on limited information, but we believe that in a time of unfathomable crisis, as faith-based leaders we are called to meet the needs of our community and to address the fear and anxiety of those who rely on faith. These acts of service are an essential part of sustaining our faith and provide an essential service for our church community.
We are grateful for the strong leadership of Mayor Bynum, Governor Stitt and President Trump and pray for their continued wisdom. We continue to ask God to be with our members, our community, Oklahoma, our nation and our world.

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