Our Mission

To make Real Church a disciplined and warm congregation producing a happy church, friendly families, and joyful lives.

Our Vision

Real Church is an on-the-job training center for five-fold ministers, assisting Fervent Fire Ministries with the vision of planting 400 churches and raising up 1600 Spirit-filled, Word-based ministers.  At Real Church, the ministers are known, trained, and sent forth to be lights for the coming American reformation.

Church Overseers

Scott Lovett

Apostle / 31yrs / Non Profit Administrator

Christine Lovett

Apostle / 29yrs / Educator & Songwriter

Scott & Christine Lovett have held revival meetings across the United States for the past seventeen years. During their time in ministry, they have seen countless individuals saved, healed, and filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Together, they have a desire to see God restore and revive the last day church to a place of unity and power. Scott and Christine both attended ORU and have been privileged to work for such greats as Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, Benny Hinn, and many other well-known ministers and ministries. They are currently founding many churches, ministries, and raising up five-fold ministers to bring in the last day harvest. With a direct and dynamic preaching style, powerful praise and worship ministry, and the gifts of Holy Spirit in operation, God continues to use this couple to minister to the hearts of people who desire a real experience with the Lord.


In 2004, God asked them to found Real Church, a congregation of Holy Ghost power and direct Word, in order to bring forth five-fold ministers equipped to take America back for Jesus Christ. In this day of watered-down gospel and seeker-friendly gatherings, God is longing to be in control of His church again.  Instead of focusing on the one man show, the Bride of Christ will be perfected as the church body is exposed to the Word, the Holy Spirit, and the true servanthood of the five-fold ministry gifts demonstrated with the fruit of the Spirit.

Church Elders

Paul Camuti

Pastor / 35yrs / Medical Billing


Paul Camuti has dedicated his life to the cause of Christ. In his early years, he worked in a ministry home and then moved to Tulsa and helped found other ministries. He has a strong call to the sheep, and a deep desire to restore the American church. 

John Holler

Prophet / 22yrs / Productions


John Holler has been instrumental in the founding of FFM and the congregation of Real Church. From vision to the natural works of the ministry, his stability, work, and spiritual insight continue to bring direction to the overall fulfillment of the vision.

Deborah Camuti

Prophet / 37yrs / Collections


Assisting with the Pastoral through the work of counseling, Deborah Camuti has a strong desire to see people healed and happy. With the personal heart of Christ reflected in this desire, she feels deeply for those she comes in contact with.

Stephanie Holler

Prophet / 14yrs / Music & Education


Stephanie Holler fulfills the call of Christ by church organization and a passionate pursuit of God's presence through Praise and Worship. With Prophetic direction she leads the battle into prayer with a strong will.

Juanita Davis

Pastor / 16yrs / Parts Fulfillment

With a deep heartfelt love towards people, and in-depth conviction to the Word and the Holy Spirit, Juanita Davis is one of the first leaders people come in contact with.  Her diligent care for the needs of the people is sure to inspire and reflect God's love.

Leonard Micklin

{In Loving Memory}

Evangelist / 18 yrs / Retired Veteran

Leonard Micklin has ministered in a number of cities throughout the United States since May of 1995. His first love is Jesus; his second love is sharing the Gospel on the streets.

Services:  Sunday 10am  Sunday 6pm  Wednesday 7pm
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315 S. Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74112
tel. 888.242.5229
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