Primary Program



Primary students will learn the necessary skills of math and reading while learning the beginning skills of the "Principle Approach."  Scripture and patriotism will be fundamental to their education.  Every day they will enjoy center times as well as a quiet time in the afternoon.   




   Must be 4 and potty trained. 



Space is limited to a maximum of 12 students per class.

HIS STORY: The story of God working through time to bring the gospel westward and bringing man back into relationship with Him.  This course will cover the founding fathers, documents and historical stories that have not been watered down, changed or tainted.
This is the study of God's creation; the theater of His Story. They will learn more than just the physical features of this world. They will study how this world was not an accident but was intricately designed to serve His purpose.
The handmaid of History.  They will read classics and research authors.  This class will enrich the minds of the children and inspire them through the readings of many historical people who have accomplished much. The fictional literature serves to nurture and broaden their imaginations.
In history, as literacy rose, liberty rose.  As literacy now declines, liberty declines. The Gospel depends upon the ability to communicate.  Students will  study the components of English comprised of orthography, etymology and syntax having the opportunity to further know their Creator God as the greatest communicator using language for His purpose in the story of liberty. 
Bible/Bible as Reader
The Bible is "The Book" which should be the foundation to all subjects studied. Upon this foundation, reasoning skills may be developed forming a biblical worldview to relate unending principles to everyday life in every generation. The early history of American education made reading a requirement based upon their belief in the necessity for the future generation's ability to read the Bible. During these times, literacy rose to an all time high! Thus the reason for the rise of true liberty endowed by our Creator!
This subject can bring to life another aspect of God's character that shows His infinity or boundlesness, yet His unchanging laws of order and absolutes.  Math is an excellent example of His truths and the process to achieve His promised answers and outcomes when His ways are followed. The skills of math will be built upon a scriptural foundation, furthering the students understanding of His nature.      
Natural Science
The comprehending or understanding of all the works that God made or produced; comprising both Natural History, which is the description of whatever was created, such as: zoology, botany, geology, meteorology,etc. as well as Natural Philosophy, which is the science of material natural bodies and their properties, such as: chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. 


Notebook and Fundamentals: This system will train students to think for themselves, instead of cramming to regurgitate material.  They will be compiling their own notebook that they can reference for years to come of their own individual research, reasoning, relating and recording.  They will use the Webster's 1828 Dictionary and Bible to research words that are incorporated in each area of study.


The Notebook Method with the 4Ring: Research, Reason, Relate and Record

Changed Hearts....

Renewed Minds!

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