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This year we are working on upgrading the nursery. The nursery will be cleaned, organized, and a better environment for your babies.


           Sunday                                              Wednesday


            Sunday School                                         Wednesdays with 


  Ages 1-5- 9:00 am- 9:45 am

              (in nursery)                                                            Ages 1-12- 7pm

  Ages 6-12- 9:00 am- 9:45 am                                                  (in nursery)


           Children’s Church


            Ages 1-5- 10 am

               (in nursery)

            Ages 6-12- 10 am

            (in fellowship hall)


            Evening Service

            Ages 6-12- 6pm

          (in fellowship hall)

            Ages 1-5- 6 pm

              (in nursery)

We got our new Christmas play in and will be starting practices soon. More info to come.

Give us a call:


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